Finally My First Letter!!

Today I got off the bus and just like everyday check the mail before my long walk up the driveway. However today when I checked it, it was completely empty which is unusual. When I walked in and asked if we got any mail everyone said no that nothing came today.  Then I walked into my room to put my stuff away and propped up on my pillow was a letter addressed to me from my guy!! I was so excited that I was shaking while opening it. It took me like 15 minutes to read his chicken scratch but it was amazing. I read it again just to be sure I didn't leave out any lines or words. I was ecstatic to hear from my guy finally. It seemed like forever. & then in the letter he was all sweet and telling me how he misses me and thinks about me. but then he told me here thinks about cheesecake like right after that. hahaha. It was so funny and so him. I'm so happy I can write him and actually somewhat have communication!!  I cross my fingers and pray that all your letters will come soon!! ( :


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4 Responses Mar 8, 2010

It is. Have you received a letter yet??

Right on! Must be a wonderful feeling. :)

Thanks. (:

Congradulations!!! I'm so happy that you got your letter!!!