So, Jer was supposed to come home in 2 weeks for a 4 day weekend. Of course they waited until the last minute to tell him the exact dates so when he went to look for a plane ticket the only one he could find was over 400 dollars! Now he has to wait until April, and of course they aren't telling him exact dates yet. But this time when he comes home he is driving with a friend who has his car on base. He has heard it will be for Easter so I hope things go as planned. Ugh!

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Yeah, he's at Fort Riley. Wow, thats crazy! I hate how they never know anything. I planned to go out there in May, but looking at ticket prices I'm not sure if thats going to happen. And of course I wouldn't know what days he would be able to have me out there until the last possible minute. Jerred has been home on a few 4 days, it's just if he has the money for the ticket or not. There next one is said to be the weekend of Easter so I hope that is the case and he can get home! He has a friend that lives a few hours from our hometown, so they will drive next time so he won't have to shell out all that money. He's going to meet me half way and I'm going to pick him up. I had heard about Fort Riley closing for the 4th of July. But he is supposed to leave sometime in July to go to California for his pre mob training for a month. So who knows what will happen with that.

Your mans at Fort Riley right? Ughh I know exactly how you feel. I'm in the airport now on the way home from visiting my man there. I wasn't supposed to come home until Friday but they randomly told him last week that they were going out in the field for 3 days starting this morning. My ticket already costed 430$ to get there and I bought it a month ago .. and I ended up having to pay 275$ more just to change my flight! I'm guessing your talking about the weekend after St. Patricks day .. my man was trying to come home too but plane tickets are like 500 or 600 and neither one of us have the money after me going there this weekend :( .. My boyfriend still hasn't figured out if he can go home everytime they have a 4 day weekend though haha ... like this is the first time they gave him the option to he said they usally say they cant go more than 250 miles so I'm confused about that haha. Also, my man just told me that someone told him Fort Riley pretty much closes down for 2 weeks for July 4th and he'll get to come home then!