So, my soldier and i are getting married in june :) and i am going to to texas(ft. Bliss) in april to find an apt. and all that fun stuff. 

I was wondering if when we get married, if the army will pay for us to move there from va, or if we have to pay it out of our own pocket?

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He has been there for about a year now, and i always get different answers from everyone i ask.<br />
lol we will figure it out one day :) thanks for your advice though everyone.:)

I want to pre-warn you...I am NOT entirely sure and I could be wrong...<br />
<br />
Is he ALREADY stationed there? My husband and I got married before we had planned to because if I was not on his orders....(we were under the impression from his recruiter) we'd have to pay to move me and it'd be a huge hassle. Now that I am in DEERS and have my military ID, when he gets stationed I'll be on his orders to go and the Army will pay. Basically, as I understood it, if you weren't on his orders when he was PCSing than the Army doesn't pay (cause you'd be an acquired dependent). However, this was just MY understanding...I COULD BE MISTAKEN. (and if I am right there might be ways around it...)But I know if you are married, enrolled in DEERS, and on his orders...then they differently pay =)

Theres this thing he has to get. Its called command sponsorship, he has to ask for it and fill out some forms. They pay to ship your stuff and I think one car.

if hes staying there for more than 20 weeks then yea

The military should cover your move.