Going Insane

So since aaron has been gone I thought I've been doing pretty good. Well not according to everyone else. So I finally got the courage up to go to the doctors today :( They diagnosed me with anxiety and highly recommended medication!! But I've always been the type to think its better to go without meds and learn how to cope so I'm confused about what I should do...then there's the fact of my carefree weekend visit of not using birthcontrol during the weekend of the highest chance of me getting pregnant so now on top of everything I have to worry bout haviong another child. I'm a lil excited tho bc i want another one soooo bad and my bf said if it happens it happens and he will be happy too and everything will work out. So at least he's supportive. So the doctor said I have to wait two weeks to find out then if I am no medicine lol what am I going to do?!?!?! I dont want to get my hopes up and not be pregnant but at the same time I dont want him to miss out on any of it since it'll be his first kid :(

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A return to duty....

Dang!!! Is he ok?? What is RTD?? Sorry im new to all this been with him for a year but we never talked bout military bc he only had a year left and didnt like talking bout being in iraq twice

Basically...my hubby got hurt and has been 'in waiting' since October. His doctor FINALLY told him it'll be 6-8 weeks for his RTD.

The dr didnt prescribe anything yet. I told her i wanted to wait to find out if im pregnant since come medicines can harm a baby so i have to wait a few weeks and go from there. Most likely i wont take any meds bc i dont like them and ill be just fine when he gets back. Im trying to join a frg but its taking FOREVER its been almost 4 weeks since i first called and 2 since the guy told me he'd get the lady in charge of a group close to me to call me. Its a lil frustrating but apparently thats how the army goes :) up and down and a LOT lot of waiting!

What's the doctor prescribing? I was on Lexpro for anxiety (I'm OCD) for about 2 years. I went off it about a year ago...I am much happier now. The meds made me numb and I had no sex drive...I still have a serious problem and I'll probably join a support group when my husband is stationed. Just makes sure to discuss all the pros and cons with not only your doctor but your soldier too. I have a great support system that has helped me cope with my OCD (off meds) and I feel I might have actually improved. I hope everything works out...