I Am An United States Army Girlfriend

I am lana im seventeen years old my boyfriend is in the US army he is airborn infantry he leaves on his first deployment in november we plan to get married before then. i am really scared i need someone to talk to

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I just turned 18, and I know what you're going through so feel free to talk to me!

like everyone has said we are all here for u. my hubby is getting deplyed next yr for a yr its going to be hard. just keep urself busy k it will help alot. message me if u need to talk :)

we're all here for you. Mine is also airborne infantry and he is in Afghanistan until August. we know what your going through

:( deployments suck!! Mines gone right now getting ready to go overseas. I'm always here if u need to talk :)