Db's Bday/meeting His Mom

Well ladies here is my small update. DB's bday was yesterday so I surprised him and showed up at his place before he got off work. When he got there he was so happy to see me. We went up to his apartment and I gave him the cake and we lit some candles and I sung happy birthday to him and he blew out the candles. It was so cute!!! Then he took a shower and I let him open his actual gift- which was a card, and 2 cds. He loved it all!!!! Then we watched a movie and had dinner and just spent some quality time together. By the way as of Saturday i will be meeting his mom and grandma at his aunts house..Im so nervous. DB has drill this weekend so I know he is going to be tired..we are only going up there for a few hours and his mom think we arent coming due to him having drill..but we are surprising them!!!! Im so glad that DB and I established that him and i can talk about any and everything with eachother. Things are going really good with us right now..hoping all is well with you ladies.

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Glad to hear you and your man are doing well! I found out yesterday my Mike is going to be on for my birthday on his 4 day pass right before his deployment! I am so excited and nervous because he leave shortly after that for Afghanistan. But, good luck meeting his momma!