Just An Update :)

I went to New York this weekend to see my baby! I had an absolute blast. We laughed a ton and just enjoyed eachothers company. Weekends like that remind exactly why I'm fighting for our relationship. He's my soulmate. But it's not all smiles. The next time I get to see him I'll be waving goodbye. Then Afghanistan for a year. But I just have to stay strong. Reading everyones stories and getting advice from all you wonderful ladies had been really uplifting. You girls are so strong and amazing! Thanks for always being there! I hope all of you are doing great and if anyone wants to talk just message me.


God Bless all of you and your soldiers!!!

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

Being the mate of a military person, is not easy, especially if you are not enlisted yourself. My daughters are survivors of Iraq twice, one (AF) is married to a AF man, the other is USArmy and is married to a civilian, who stays home with the kids. It is not easy and you need to have a real and not just virtual circle of friends, sometimes things get too real.........the newspaper stories can get to you.<br />
Help keep his spirits up and if you ever have bad news, you NEVER TELL HIM WHILE HE IS DEPLOYED, you Cowgirl up and put everything on hold until you tell him in Person. Never do anything just so YOU, who are not in battle, feel better.<br />
God's blessing.