Waiting Game

Danny will be home in 75 days to the max of 3 months his original date to be home, which is june 6th, but it seemed like time flew by the first three months which i had my mind set on that it wouldnt, but with staying busy and helping raise my brothers son, currently in the hospital, but danny seems to be getting more and more home sick each time he calls, i am one of the few lucky girls that get to talk to her man almost once a day, it does make it easier, but everyone said getting closer to his return date time would go quick but im finding it to be opposite, i dont know it may just be the fact of not known thats killing me, but he was supposed to start packing yesterday and he didnt mention it so im not sure what that means


keep your heads up girls

armympgirlfriend armympgirlfriend
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010