I Miss My Husband

My husband is at Ft Leonard wood right now He graduates on Apr. 29th and starts AIT on May 3. I'm hoping he can stay with me for those days in between I miss him so much . Does anyone know what the rules are on this?

zoey0920 zoey0920
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

If he has time in between but can't go home you can go up there and stay in the hotel outside of the fort. I'm pretty sure he can stay with u in the hotel too

It depends on his company. my fiancé is in FLW too and his doing MP. When i talked to him on Sunday he said mention about having 3 day pass after bct. but he didn't say about going home other than ait. Have u try asking him?

my man stayed with me for those 3 days between but idk if everyone does