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OK girls im looking for someone to tell me if im doing something wrong and please be honest, a friend of mines husband is returning about the same time as daniel from deployment but shes got a mile long to do list before he comes home, shes hired a photographer, anyone else do this? shes made her dogs shirts, yes she is taking them with her, and a ton of other stuff, i just planned on making a sign even though hes told me he doesnt want one, i didnt plan on making a shirt for myself or anything, and figured my moms just as capable to take pictures then anyone else, maybe im under estimating this whole coming home but ive had cousins deploy and come home and my family never went that far out, ya its great and amazing to have them home and safe but is all of that really necessary?


Plus if any of you have any cute ideas for a sign that would be great or any other ideas let me know


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I think everyone is different, and certainly some do go over, but truly I just think there excitement of them comming home gets the best of them and the only way to contain it and get through it is to keep busy, personally I make a sign and bring flowers and a stuffed animal at times but truly they wont care because they just cant wait to just be with the one they love!

ya bringing the dog is way out the queston considering im going to colorado for his homecoming and more less i dont want to have to be worried about the dog, my main focus is him. i didnt think i was doing anything wrong but you never know<br />
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haha im guessing so, she was always strange in school and i guess this is just adding to it, and your making the shirts has more of a purpose then her shirts that say "welcome home daddy" come on its a freaking dog. i cant wait for daniel to be home and im so excited but i have not lost all control<br />
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btw ... her sign says come get your wet kisss cause of the dogs .... ughhhh

haha she must be really happy. i mean we all are but she must really be. lol i made me and my honey shirts but thats bc we are geting married and they have the bride and the soldier on it. but thats all i did lol

oh geez...having the dog there would be too much i think. she'll have towatch it while she's trying to greet her man. Don't worry, what you're doing is.....normal (haha) and sweet! he'll really appreciate it!

thats what i thought ... i dont want some weird person i dont know hanging around us when he first gets home, my cousins already doing a couples shoot of us when he gets back here for her portfolio i thought that was plenty, im not taking my dog shes insane for even thinking about doing it just one more thing to have to watch and take care of, ya i think im gona make a sign just have to come up with something cute to put on it<br />
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im buying an outfit that he picked out online so we will see <br />
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hahaha yes very obsessed if you ask me

It sounds to me like your friend is a little obsessed ;P

She hired a photographer!?? what? I never heard of anyone going all out like that! I'm sure Daniel is just going to be absolutely ecstatic to see you and won't care about doggie shirts hahaa And if some weird photographer dude is just hanging out there when you're kissing and hugging for the first time, it might be awkward haha! I think a sign is cute, that way he can find you right away! Do you have any kind of inside joke or a cute way of saying "I love you" because you could put that on the sign. He'll feel right at home.<br />
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Maybe instead of making a a special shirt, wear he's favorite shirt of yours. That one that makes his jaw drop ;-)