Boyfriend Just Left For Basic. Im New To All This An Dont Know What To Except Afterwards

my boyfriend just left for basic for 14 weeks at fort benning GA. i know that he can write letters, I'm just wondering when ill receive one? i heard that he will get a chance to call, I'm also wondering when that will be? after his graduation he told me he will get to come back home for a short time. but he also told me that he might be able to do airborne or ranger. if he takes one of them how much longer will i have to wait till i get to see him. when he gets based somewhere i know that i cant move on base with him because were not married but he wants me to move closer to him. I'm just finishing high school online and plan on getting cert. as a nurse aide which will pay more then min. wage and i also have a 16 month old son. what should i do??? how much money should i have saved up before moving?? i really want to be close to him esp after being away from him for 14 weeks or maybe even longer depending if he takes ranger or airborne. i just dont know how to go about moving to another to find an apartment and even a nurse aide job?? if i move to be near him will he be able to live with me off base?? if not will he be able to stay the night on the weekends? how likely is he to get deployed. he is going in for infantry. like i said I'm new to all of this and i have no idea how things work or anything so if anyone can answer my questions id greatly appreciate it !!!  or even tell me how to cope with this and anything you have. thank you

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It all really depends on how fast his processing goes. just be very patience but keep ur phone with u all the time coz u don't know when he can call. As far as letters give it about 2 to 3 weeks but then again it all depends. everybody is different but almost similar situation. Expect that he will get deploy. Focus on yourself and your baby. Also for moving, check the fort website or any military web. I'm here if u need anything.

He should be able to call you from rception...I got a call a few days after he got there, but my man called late because he didn't have a phone card, so you should get a call almost immediately. My first letter got to me within a week of him getting to Ft. Benning (I got it last night! yay!), but he says in his letter that he won't be able to write again until he's at his final destination there, and he said a lot fo guys wait to write until that happens. So my guess would be 7-10 days for a letter. I hope that helps with the small stuff - my guy just got there last Wednesday, so I am new to it all also!

She answered almost all of your questions very well but there's were a few I can add too .. As far as how likely he is to get deployed .. Like 99.999% likely ..Pretty much garunteed these days the question is just when .. Some go within a month or two after training .. Mine got lucky and got put in a unit that just got back and he doesn't go until next March. But it's bound to happen at some point. As far as moving he coudnt live with you really he'd still have to be in the barracks most worknights probably but he should be able to stay most weekends atleast that's how it is where my mans at a lot drive two hours to the big city and stay there for the weekend since there's not much to do near base. But yea that's about all I got .. Hope it helps!.

He should be able to write you pretty soon I'm sure. After my boyfriend graduated basic, he came for 18 days which was around christmas and then he went to airborne for 3 weeks but( he is allowed to have a phone and his computer while he's there.) He had a ranger contract, but he decided he didn't want to go through with that. If he gets a ranger contract and decides to go through with it he will be sent to ranger assesment which lasts 3 weeks and then he will go to ranger school for 2 months where he won't have a phone, but you can still send him letters. If he ends up not going to ranger school then after he graduates airborne he will be sent to his unit, which can be anywhere pretty much. My boyfriend is being sent to Alaska (not fun). But don't worry, the time will go by fast! And there is a family weekend where you can go and visit him. Unfortunately I don't have any adivice on moving, because thats not something I've had to deal with. There's really no telling when he'll be just depends on when he finishes what he wants to do and how soon his unit will be deploying. Just hang in there! it's going to be okay :)