ok girlys ... ive been bouncing back and forth on here between some army girlfriend groups, and i have to say by far this is the best one, everyone is there for each other ready to lend support,thats not my frusteration, you girls are great ... Thanks!


But the point of this post is the fact some girls are getting shunned and not geting the support in other groups because of what they have to write about and what they have to tell others, we are all hear for the same reason and need the support that we couldnt find in our friends or family and for some its both, i know i lack the support between both their are few that understand but this group has helped a ton through deployment, i wish more girls were willing to reach out and lend a hand like you guys have been


Also the negativity is killing me, there are girls posting on here about how they cant help but think their man is dead because they havent heard from him for awhile....this has got to stop im not sayin its in this group but others, we are supposed to be there for our men and standing strong and supportive and for people to post stories of these situations dont help others stay positive, i know for a fact one of the women had her man badly injured and so many people offered her support and advice, but its hard to offer this to girls that are going on and on about how they think their man has been killed in the line of duty, and if that is the truth i feel horrible for them but dont know what to say to their negative thoughts, if you girls could give me a little advice on that it would be great.


Thanks for listenin to my crabbing its just been driving me nuts tonight

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You are so right.!!!!!!!!!!

hmmmm...i havent seen any of the negativity on here. thats terrible. i wouldnt know what to say to someone like that. i guess just keep offering support and encouraging words. i know sometimes that doesnt work; a lot of ppl are just negative nancys, but thats all we can really do? <br />
i know i get a little worried when i dont hear from my man for a few days, but i try not to think the worst.