"i Want My Girl Scout Cookies..."

lol i just woke up to an IM from my hubby saying this! Every yr, some of the army wives send out cases to the guys deployed and he hasnt gotten his yet. He is so cute lol...


This will be my first time sending out a care package. Any ideas??

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

I sent romantic cards to my husband when he was overseas, along with a little letter. My hubby is a Pez fanatic, so he always got some of that too! I just sat down and thought about all the things he likes that he''s probably missing, and tried to put it in the box. Snack foods, scented soap that he likes, comic books, drawing materials (sketchbook and good pencils, etc). I also sent him pictures, of me, our friends, but mostly of HIS family. Sending them in emails is one thing, but they can't always print them off. If he's allowed to, I'm sure he'd like stuff to decorate a locker or a wall, depending on where he is. <br />
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Best of luck.