Big Changes In My Life..... I Am Going To Have A Baby:d

Hi everyone....

Well since the last time I wrote you guys... Luke decided he wanted to break up  with me and have his space.. I cried my eyes out...

So this week I found out that I am pregnant and I haven't told him yet.. How do I tell him that to a guy who broke up with me because he wanted to have fun and  he is going away to basics on May 19th.. I have no idea what I am going to do.. I mean my family is going to kill me and I have no clue how he is going to act..this put my plans on hold because I was going to join the national guard now I can't...

I love Luke with all my heart but he doesn't feel the same way. Do you think it would be wrong of me if I just didn't tell him.. I plan on leaving Orlando where he can't find me you know.. 

I feel so alone and have no idea how things in my life are going to be....

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That sounds like a common situation. So sorry to hear it. But if you need help, let me know, maybe there is something i can do for you. If you read my profile, you will know that I am polyamory, and would welcome a young womanlike you to join my family, and allow me to care and love you while your work things out.. Can't get pregnant with me. Good luck you you, I hope your family will understand and support you in this time of need. Men are such bastards sometimes. They want one thing, and that *****, and can not be relied on when something like this happens. its certainly a sad story, I have seen happen so many times.l

Hey Girls <br />
Thank you sooo much for your support..<br />
I am going to tell him he is out of town right now.. He is on his way back to Fort Walton Beach, thats where he lives. I am going to drive 6 hours to see him and tell him the news.. That is going to scare me a bit. Because you never know how guys are going to act.<br />
I don't know if he loves me anymore, he hasn't tried to get in touch with me this whole week and i haven't sent any messages either. <br />
But I have to think about my baby now and whatever he decides I will keep my baby no matter what.. Thanks again girls:D

Tell him, only because he deserves the right to know as being the father of the baby, no matter how hard it may be for you to just let him know, dont try and run from the problem you just have to face it..and be strong!

My opinion is, that he should know. If you were in his position, wouldn't you want to know? It doesnt mean you can't move, but I think you should tell him. You guys really loved eachother, and you never know what his feelings are now, sometimes people just need time, and space does work a lot of times.