hey ladies! I haven't shared any of my stories yet on here but i have read a lot yours and they have helped me soooo much! my story is a little complicated but i met my guy about two years ago and since then we have had some good times and some rocky times. however for the past seven months until he left for bct at fort benning things were going really well between us. he told me though he was not ready to officially committ to me yet because of the army and he didn't know what to expect when he was gone. everyone sees us as dating already tho so it is pretty much dating without the official title right now. anyway why i am writing is because i am a little frustrated. he has been gone for about a month now and i have recieved two letters. when i got them i was soooo happy because he told me how much he missed me and how he could'nt wait to see me again. but i got upset because i haven't gotten a letter in over a week. this past monday he wrote to his family and told them that he was really busy and told them to let me read the letter and that he was going to write me as soon as he could. however it has been a few more days and i still have not gotten another letter and yesterday his family recieved another letter from him. its hard not to be a little bit jealous. also he sends his letters to me to his family so that they can give them to me and so he doesn't have to worry about when he should send them to my house and when he should send them to me at college. so that is how i know that my letter isn't just lost in the mail somewhere. i am sure i am just over exaggerating a little but its so difficult with him gone and i am sure all you ladies understand. i am just really nervous since the official title isn't there for our relationship that his feelings for me are going to change while he is gone. so sorry ladies i just needed some advice and opinions and to vent a little bit. thanks for everything you have helped me with already just by reading your stories!

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thanks soo much! i just have to remember to keep my chin up and think positive!

I understand. I went through the same thing, except I wasn't dating my boyfriend yet (but now we are). We sent letters back and forth and then I stopped hearing from him. I waited everyday for like 3 weeks and never heard from him. Finally when he was able to get on the computer for a whle he told me that they went into the field for 2 weeks and they said they couldn't recieve or send out mail while they were there and he got mine right before he went into the woods. It could be something like that...i wouldn't worry too much. I know how much it sucks...especially since you can't call and be like "hey, whats up?" just hang in there, i'm sure it's going to be okay. You never know with the army...thats the sucky thing...But i'm sure it's going to be fine :)