Yayyyy :)

so this morning i was woken up by a phone call, at first i was like hi and they were like hey and i was just like whose this and my boyfriend was like you dont know who this is!?! i felt so bad casue i was half asleep and i hadn't expected a phone call of any kind while he was over there since he wasn't going to buy a phone but he did!!!!!!!! it was just the best thing to wake up to in the world and all the doubts i was having about everythign just went flying out the window and i feel so much better now, he only talked for a few minutes because its expensive but he said he'd text soon, i just had to share my exciting news with other peopel who understand how i feel becasue my mom is just like oh.. okay.. abotu the whole thing and here i am like dancing around my apartment haha !!

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Thats great to hear I'm so happy for you !!! I would be dancing to :)

I know how you feel, getting that phone call from him is awesome! always makes the morning and the day amazing just the few words of reassurance makes your doubts and fears go away and your all smiles!.. im happy for you!

Congrats girl! Glad you got a phone call!! ( : It's the best feeling in the world!

thats awesome girly ... hope he calls often for you ... my man bought a phone over there too and its amazing i hear from him almost everyday

it is the most amazing feeling when all the doubts run away girl!! glad you got a call =))

yay!!! thats so exciting!

yaaay!! definitely love that feeling :)