I Dont Mean To Be Gross But...

Ok, so here's the deal...


just like many of you girls, Im lonely because my man is in another part of the world, and he is going to be ther for a year. Not only am I lonely, sometimes mama needs a little loving lol .. and of course Im not going to cheat. so, the next best thing is to please yourself, no?

so yea, I dont normally do that because whats the point? I could just have sex and be satisfied. Unfortunately, I dont have that luxury right now. anyway, long story short...I did it and it just wasnt the same as it used to be. before, if i did that, i was happy and could roll over and go to sleep lol. this time, I actually felt almost guilty and grossed out. has anyone ever felt this way? i think im weird lol! like, i only want my man and now, i cant even please myself. i dont want to...i want to wait for him (sigh).


thoughts on this ? lol

sorry again :)

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I have had the same problem! After I'm done I'm like - what was that about? But if your body wants it - it wants it. And of course no cheating, so this is the only outlet. It's a healthy release. I think the reason we put that grossed out feeling into our heads is because we are so used to having our man around. Just remind yourself that it's completely normal and not ridiculous!

Me and my husband actually had a talk about this... in the end we decided we could each, please ourselves, but no toys and such. It is not the same, and will never be the same. Nothing can compare to the actual thing... but sometimes we need the release-- our soldiers much more so... i went to a marriage retreat with my husband- it was said that men need sexual release every 3 days, or they get grumpy... sounds about right to me! When your not together- and can each have privacy, and have web cams.. it helps. and while no its still not the same, it helps out to 'be together' while releasing...