Doing Better

Ever since and I split up i still talk to him not just as much.  He asked for another chance but told him not so right away.  He has to earn hi way back with me.  I can see that he is trying but its going to take a very long time told him it might not be for another 6 months til he is home and i can see him face to face.  I have been doing ok with the whole situtation.  Not something i wanted but I have been able to do things that I wanted to do that he would never let me do.  Go out to dinner, visit friends, catch a movie or go the mall.  I still miss and love him but for right now this is for the best.  I have been happy and not stressing all the time.  Feels great to go without having vto fight and argue everyday!  Hope everyone is doing well!

armygf11 armygf11
26-30, F
Mar 13, 2010