Do You Think This Is A Sign?

So when I got home from school on Friday afternoon and checked the mail, I had a package in there. Not a big one but a good sized one.  I got inside and started opening it. I first read the paper that came inside.. He sent me 14 k white gold princess cut diamond stud earrings. I was so in shock. He is deployed in Afghanistan and i never thought he would send me anything other then a letter here or there.. 


Here is my question. We are not official. But i am not dating anyone else or even thinking about anyone but him. Do you think he is trying to hint something with this gift or is it just him being a gentleman? A couple of my friends are like just wait he will send a ring next and laughing about it, but i dont know what to think of this gift first.. 



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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

thats awesome girly ... my boyfriend sent a necklace on christmas and is always sending flowers ... i never thought that he would do anything like that but its the cute things they think of like that during down time .. i would try and find a cute and suttle way of asking him and see what he says or how he reacts

oh girl! number one congrats lol =)) but just thank him and maybe ask him in a joking little way if that makes you guys official in ur next letter or something. make it real cute hehe <br />
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