Help! Graduating Thursday!!! NEED INFO.

I just found out my hubby is graduating Thursday (it's complicated) from Ft. Benning. I have NO details...HELP!!!
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Evan graduated from Fort Benning(: I stayed on base with his parents, in cabins but I would NOT recommend them. Haha, they were quite small and unpleasant. But then again we had three people to one. You'll only get to see your soldier for a few hours after the opening ceremony type deal, then they have to return to the barracks. He won't be able to stay with you. The next day is the same, after graduation you can spend time together, either on base or off, but then he has to return to the barracks, I think at 8pm, I can't remember, his graduation was in October. Hope I helped a little(: Also, CHERISH those two days you can spend with him! After that, he'll be going straight to AIT without leave.

omg.... i will see u there! LOL. my fiance is graduating this thursday too and we're getting married that day. the orientation for thurs starts at 10 and i know their turning blue event is from 11-12. then friday is their actual graduation which starts at 10. i already have hotel info and everything... this will be my second trip to fort benn... message me if u need any help! =]

I looked for the website, I found a really good one that tells you dates, hotels, everything you need to know. <br />
I had to find it when my boyfriend graduated from fort sill, but they have it for all of them and the one above is for fort benning. I hope it helps!