Gift Ideas??

Hey, my boyfriend is on leave and he's home right now, but he leaves on thursday to go to Alaka and I want to make something for him before he goes. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I've already made him a scrapbook before he went to airborne. I was planning on writing him a letter, but I also wanted to do something a little special since he's going to be so far from home. Let me know if you have any suggestions!!



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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

when daniel deployed i sent him a box with different things from home and it was there waiting for him wen he got to his offical fob, inside i made a knotted fleece camo blanket and sprayed perfume on it and he absolutley loves it

When my boyfriend left I gave him a bag filled with 30 letters for the next month, dated on each envelope. They all werent letters. Some were photos of us, or just cute little messages or memories of things we did together. He really LOVED it and looked forward to opening someone each takes a lot of time but was worth it ;) good luck!