Yayyy New Home

so everyone knows that i am now engaged to my soldier well this past friday i drove twelve hours to move down to north carolina to live off base and live with him. i am so very excited we move into our apartment friday. our court house wedding will be scheduled tomorrow. being this far away from everyone in michigan is hard but i know that it will get easier and that its harder to be so far away from my fiance and only see him once a month. everyone also knows the pregnant hope. we thought i was. for i was two weeks late but i ended up starting. i will be making a trip to the doctors to see if everything with me is normal because i have miscarried and had to get tge dnc surgery for it and i have a  feeling i was one of the few to be effected by it. hope everything is going well for all the others girls on here!

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I've been in NC for about a month and a half now and I do love it down here big time!!! WAYYY better than michigan, I definitely wish it wasnt so far from my family though!

You will love North Carolina..Thats where i live now with my marine..and I like it here..very nice weather.!

Yes it is thanks so much the date is next Friday!!!!

O Thats so exciting sweetie Congrats.!

Thankssss =]]

oh my goodness girly congrats!!! that is sooo exciting!