Word To The Wise...if Your Boyfriend Is Deploying Soon.

My boyfriend has been deployed for the past few months and will now deploy to Haiti within the next few days. Things have been as good as they can be with being apart and we get to talk everyday or every other day. He can sometimes call or email/IM. While he is on base he has to pay for food and anything else he wants...like calling cards, magazines, etc. The other day he went to buy something and his ATM card was declined. He went online to look at his account and there were weird charges from another state! Someone had stolen his information.

He only has that one card so without it he has no access to any money whatsoever. Now he wont be needing money in Haiti but still its just for the fact of knowing he has it if need be. If he needs to pay for internet or needs a calling carrd now he cannot get one. Its SO FRUSTRATING. I had to call the bank and report the fraudulent activity. That was taken care of and the money replaces, however he cannot get a new card! They refuse to discuss anything with me because I am not him. I have ALL of his information and they do not care. They have no sympathy whatsoever that he is in the military and cannot call. He doesnt have anymore calling cards left and even if he borrows money to get one its like 35 mins to sit on hold at the very least. It is so crazy!! I am at my wits end trying to get him this stupid ATM card.

The other problem is that half of his bills were linked to this card so now things are going to be bouncing all ovether place and I am scrambling around to switch my info to the bills so they are atleast taken care of. We are not married so I am not an authorized user on any accounts, and if he wanted to make me one now he would have to do it from within the U.S. and there is paperwork to fill out.

Anyway...with all of that said, my advice is that you make sure your guys have SOMEONE whether its you or a family member as an authorized user on their account so that you dont run into problems like my boyfriend had because it really sucks!!! Its just the very worst timing and we have yet to straighten it out...he leaves in 2 days so wish me luck! :(

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I know that now...ugh thanks!

Anytime a soldier leaves (whether for a FTX, Deployment, ANYTHING) they should have a POA. Even if you two were married the bank couldn't allow you to access his account unless you too were on the account. My husband and I have a joint account and all our bills are together but I still have both a general POA and a specific one to deal with DEERS, Tricare, and IDs (the second you wouldn't be able to get being a GF). POAs are an absolute must. Ladies, MAKE YOUR SOLDIER HAS A POA! And make sure it is up to date and isn't do to expire until well after he is due back.

NO he doesnt, he was supposed to only be gone for two months which is why he didnt worry about doing any of that. BUT now being sent to HAITI 'til who knows when, makes everything crazy...thanks!

does he have the power of attorney?? my bf has that and his mom has access to all of his bills and bank accts shes on his checks too so she can pay his bills while hes deployed. I dont know how the laws work in your state though. But it is a very good thing to have in case something like this happens and it doesnt have to be family either...i wish you luck with fixing this!