My First We Met

It all began the summer between junior and senior year. I had just transferred schools in the middle of the year, and had made fast friends with a girl named Erin. She was dating a guy named Colby, and Caleb was Colby's best friend. Acording to Colby and Erin, we HAD to get together. I was dating someone at the time, and so was he. After a few failed meetings, we decided to just forget it. After some drama happened between Colby and Erin, I invited Colby over to a friends house (whose parents were away). He asked if it was okay if he brought Caleb, and I said that of course it was. That was the first night I laid eyes on him. Caleb was edgy. He had piercings and tattoos and a beard. He had just turned 21, which made him 4 years older than I was. And he was gorgeous. We joked and talked all night. Soon, we began dating. After having lots if negative interference from my abusive and ridiculous ex, I decided I didnt want to deal with the drama of having a relationship. Part of me was scared- he was the best boyfriend I had ever had. But he was also really soon after the crazy ex, and I got scared. So I broke up with him. We talked intermittently, and one day he told me he was thinking about joining the army to go into special forces, and he wanted to check with me first. I told him that it sounded intense, which fit his personality. He signed up, and I didnt hear from him for months. I remained close with Colby, but Colby wanted to date me really badly because things turned sour with Erin. Colby was feeding me lies the whole time about Caleb, like how he never wanted to see me again and how he hated me, etc etc etc. I was heartbroken, because I realized that Caleb was the one I want. Finally, it was winter break. And there was a snowstorm to rival a blizzard. So what do my dad and I do? Decide to go to the mall. And guess who I run into...thats right. Caleb and Colby. I saw Caleb in one of the first stores I walked by, and my jaw dropped. We made eye contact, but I kept walking. He began texting me, sowly making small talk. And then his leave was over, and he went back to Ft. Benning and I didnt talk to him. Until one night, he texted me. He was out with some buddies and was a little tipsy. He told me that he was thinking about me and wondering how I was doing. I cautiously talked to him. Day by day we began talking more. One day, he told me he was transferring to Ft. Lewis, which is two hours north of where I live. We talked about a possible relationship, and he said that "he would see". Well, a few weeks after talking every day for a few hours, he told me that a relationship was definitely what he wanted :) So the day  he was transferred he drove down and we kissed and began dating "officially". Ever since then, we have spent ever possible moment together. He drove down every single weekend, and I would drive up there during the middle of the week when I could. Over the course of those weekends and hours spent talking on the phone and online, we fell quickly in love. We began talking about marriage a month into dating again, and I knew he was my one. He proposed with a simple silver band in July. He deployed in September, and come home on R&R in December, where I got my REAL engagement ring. And now, over a year since we began dating again, we are a few weeks away from being married :)

lindsk lindsk
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2010