Stress And Anxiety!!

So, my boyfriend is home on leave right now and he leaves on wednesay to go to Alaska. Ever since he's been home I just felt stressed and anxiety and i feel like it's never going to get better I also started my period and i always get extra anxious around that time, so maybe thats part of the problem. I want to go back to be happy. I know that things are going to be okay, but by me saying that to myself it doesnt always seem to help. I guess it's also different because he was in georgia for the past two months and now he's being sent to Alaska. I just want to wake up and feel happy and go to bed happy. It's been hard to spend a lot of time with him because he's had to spend part of it with his family who lives two hours away and part of it with his other side. I've been through this before after I visited him in Georgia right after the new year. I don't know, I try to keep myself busy and just tell myself that this how things are and i'm going to get used to it. I'll be okay for like a minute and then i'll go back into a slump. I was just wondering if anyone else has felt the same way and how you dealt with it. I'm sure it's normal, but I just want to to end!

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I am the same way..when my boyfriend was away for deployment training i thought that was hard...and before he left i had horrible anxiety, i couldnt be happy knowing he was leaving even the last 2 weeks i still had him with me..i lost my appetite, i didnt really want to be around anyone else and i stressed myself out so much i got sick for a few days...we spent everyday together, almost every moment we could, if i wasnt working i was usually at his house or out with him. and when you go from that to not seeing each other or doing any of the things you use to do together and you're lucky if you can even talk to each other its hard...hes in iraq now and im just hoping he doesnt get sent to afghanistan by the end of his deployment..i still usually don't want to go to sleep because i want to fall asleep in his arms. so i'm just hoping he stays safe and think about how lucky i am to have him and this will make our relationship even stronger, even though i hate that hes so far away.

Of course it's normal! I'm sure every single one of the girls in this group will agree to that. What I did when my boyfriend left for Korea was write down my week and the things I needed or wanted to do those days. This way you stay focused on other things and not on how much you miss your guy. Another thing to remember is that he is completely safe. Alaska may be far, but it's also not Afghanistan. Stay strong! I'm here to talk if you ever want to! :D