Ahhh! Could This Deployment Get Any Worse?

So my husband's been deployed now for over a month to afghanistan.  And let's just say it hasn't been the best experience.  No, let me rephrase that it has been the worst experience ever.  He got moved to a different remote base from where he was originally supposed to go.  The place he's stationed at has no wireless internet, so we can't skype ever.  It only has 2 phones so he has to wait in long lones just to talk to me for a few brief moments, and it's frequented my mortar attacks weekly.  awesome.  I was just thinking to myslef I just have to make it to July until r&r and everything will be ok 9this was when he was told he gets to take it).  Well, yesterday my husband calls me and says he doesn't get to take his r&r until the end of november which is basically a month before he's done with deployment.  I was soooooo upset and hurt when he told me that.  I cried my eyes out.  When you look forward to something so much and have it taken away it hurts so bad.  I really don't know what to do.  November is so far away.  Looks like a long and sad summer and fall ahead of me.  But I feel so much worse for my husband, he's the one who has to stay there in that crappy place without getting to come home in the summer.  I just want this to be over.  

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Stay strong! You can do it! :D

That sucks horribely! My boyfriend has been gone since September & I have recieved 1 phone call since & no mail. Its definitely one of the hardest things to go through. I get e-mails once in awhile. He hopefully will get his R&R end of April, beginning of May. It breaks my heart everyday & the worry that he will be okay is enough to kill your spirit. He is my world & I love him to death, I have to keep just teling myself when he comes home finally everything will be worth it! He will come home Hopefully the beginning of October. I pray I can make it til then. It will slowly get a little easier because you will be so use to it, it will seem almost normal.

:( that sucks hard core :(( mines been gone for a month too now and idk how ppl can do this for a year or sometimes longer!! He told me he would be in missouri for a month and i got all excited bc then i could go see him every weekend bc its like 5 hours from me but then hes like oh i heard wrong its mississippi so i was crushed. So now im like in a hard lil shell blocking out everything. Its prolly a lot harder for you tho bc u guys are married :( and theres nothing that anyone can say to make everything all better some things help but its just not the same as talking to your man or seeing him! I hope everything will get better for you and he stays safe :)