So my bf got diagnosed with sleep apnea and is considered 'disabled' idk how any of it works bc i havent really talked to him about it much but when he was in sc getting the medical stuff done for his upcoming deployment the dr was like looks like you are healthy and good to go so my bf says besides being disabled and kinda chuckled. the dr didnt believe him and kept questioning him about it and he told him he went to the va where we live and did numerous sleep studies and got on disability for it. apparently it is not in any of his records with the va or the army!! and when he told the dr bout it he didnt add it or try to fix it in his medical records!! So now i am wondering if he was even supposed to be able to deploy...i know that it does not effect him too much and he said he is ok with it if he has to deploy but im worried bc it gets worse when he is in stressful situations and the thought of him not breathing in his sleep and something bad happening over there terrifies me so i try not to think bout it...

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It's a tough situation you're in, and I am sorry that you are in it. I would really spend a little time researching it though, and explain to him that you care about him and want him to take care of himself. The less care he takes of things now, the worse he will be later in life. Maybe if you explain to him that you don't want your eventual "til death do us part" to come sooner rather than later, he'll understand? <br />
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I hope he comes around and realizes how important his health is. Good luck!

not wanna get discharged over it but i worry bout him but its all his choice as i have no say since we arent married. these comments were broken up bc im on a cell phone n can only type so many letters at once

and idk if i should try 2 talk him into seeing a dr again or if would even do any good bc it might just prolong his deployment and make him get back even later or if i should talk to a family group in the military and see what they say bc i know he would

he doesnt want 2 use a machine even tho the dr highly recommended it :( i wish he would tho. ive talked to a few military ppl tonight and they all said if he is on disability and considered a disabled vet that he should be nondeployable :( im so confused

Sleep Apnea is very serious! My dad had it, and it is not to be taken lightly. My dad needed to use a machine to keep him breathing at night. If this is something your boyfriend has, it's SO important he goes in and talks to someone right away about it. And it might not be so bad now, but it gets worse over time, and that's not a risk he should be taking while deployed. Please urge him to talk to a military doc again.