He Surprised Me!!!

So my sweetie was supossed to have a three day weekend this past weekend but was told at the last minute(just like everything else in the army). He hadn't made any plans for a plane ticket and his friend that was going to drive him down here and stay backed out at the last minute. I was totally bummed, because as it gets closer to deployment day I wanna see him as many times as possible. So I was sitting in my room waiting for my nightly call from him and my phone buzzes. One new picture message. I looked at it and it was from him. A picture of my house! I freaked out and ran outside! I practically broke the door haha. It was so amazing to see him standing there, greeting me with open arms. It was bittersweet though because this time it's for real. He has no more 3 day weekends, so the next time i see him will be deployment day. I'm freaking out. The time is going by so quickly now, but I know as soon as he leaves for Afghanistan that year is going to feel like forever. Hope everyone's doing well! Stay strong!

God Bless you all and your soldiers!

missinmysoldierrr missinmysoldierrr
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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

awh that is sooo cute he did that!

i had a blast! thanks! :)

Aw, that's so sweet of him! Hope the weekend was great!