22 Days

22 Days


It’s been 22 days since we said see ya & talk to you later

Because we were both afraid to say goodbye

It’s been 22 days since I’ve seen your smile

And heard your laugh

It’s been 22 days since we held each other so tight

Because we never wanted to let go

It’s been 22 days since that first tear rolled down my cheek & I hid my face

Because I didn’t want to upset you

It’s been 22 days since life was easier

Because now we’re states apart and have little communication

It’s been 22 days since you left and I’m not the same

Because I get mad for having fun without you

But your voice, laugh, scent & face flash through my mind over and over

Because I don’t want to forget any part of you

I reread your letters every night

Because it makes me feel closer to you

Even though it seems like we’re states apart, we’re not

Because I’m in every beat of your heart as you are in mine

Part of me is with you and until you return I’ll never be complete

It’s been 22 days yet it feels longer


Only 53 days to go (:

missmytoughguy missmytoughguy
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Aw I love it! =))

Thanks! ( : well now its 24 days. I wrote it 2 days ago. woot woot!

Awww thats beautiful girl! And your 22 days down!!! YAY