Boyfriend Left For Fort Leonardwood March 8th :(

Hey everyone, so I just joined this forum tonight because I've been feeling really depressed the past few days. My bf and I have been dating for a little over 2 1/2 years now and he just left a week ago for basic training at fort leonardwood, Missouri. I haven't heard from him or received a letter yet since he's been gone. I haven't even gotten an address yet so I cant send letters to him. I talked to his mom today and she saidthey received a short letter saturday from him and got a 30 sec phone call from him today. I just feel like maybe he's not missing me or wants to talk to me because he didn't mention me at all to his mother during the call or the letter. Seems like when I talk to my friends about this stuff people don't completely understand how hard it is to have your man leave for the army. So I thought this way I could talk with all of you ladies that are experiencing the same thing. I just want to know if maybe I'm getting discouraged for no reason and if receiving letters and such just takes time..
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I'm writing u through private MSG

Wow you both were right! I got 2 letters today! I cried as I read them over and over. I feel so much better now! And yes the one whole letter was about how much he loved me and missed me. I still don't have his address but he said he will send it soon. I do have a question about the graduation.. When will they do it and how long will I be able to see him then? Wasn't sure if it changes for each group.. Thanks again for replying to this and helping me out. I don't think I've ever felt this empty and alone in my life. So these comments really do help :)

Hi there. My fiancé is in lost in woods too.just be patient. You can't write him back because his in reception. I didn't get my first letter for about 3 weeks. but it really depends on how fast his processing goes. message me anytime if you have questions. I have a little knowledge of how things are in ft. Leonard wood. He will write u trust me. and definitely miss u. That's what the first thing his gonna say once his can start writing u. Hang in there.

Thanks! I'm actually feeling a lot better today. I have good days and bad days and yesterday was one of the bad days. Thanks for encouraging me. I really do want to write him. The letter he sent said do not write back to this address because he was still in reception week when he wrote so the address changed. I will just have to wait until I get a letter from him. I know they are really busy and its selfish of me to think of my feelings all of the time. Hopefully he will have some time to write me and let me know how he's doing. But thanks girls for commenting. I know the only way we can get through this tough lifestyle is with encouragement from each other. I appreciate it. Hope you girls have a good day!

Dont worry! He will write you! and Im sure he will be calling you soon too! It sucks so bad at the first, but as the days pass you will find that you get stronger! Writing letters is so fun and you will get so uch closer!

awe.. dont worry! write him a letter ask his mom for the mailling address and see if he writes you back let him know how your feeling, he may not get your letter for a few weeks.. and they probubly only allowed him to write his parents in the first letter, at least thats what i hvae heard, my bf is in a barracks waiting to go to boot camp and he left the same day! jus stay stronng, and dont give up on him never know he may be missing you like crazy and trying to cope with it in a healthy way.