So I Am 2 Months Prego:d

Hey everyone...

Since the last time we talked I told you guys that I am going to have a baby and it's so true.. I went to the doctors yesterday and I am 2 months in to my   pregnancy.. I heard the heart beat yesterday that really moved me, I cried like a baby.. My parents don't know yet I don't know how I am going to tell them. Luke doesn't know either he has been traveling and I can't get a hold of him. One thing I am going to tell you guys this baby is already changing my life at first I was afraid now I am totally in love with this baby. He or She is going to be so loved by me, even if me and Luke doesn't happen my baby will help me make it because he or she is going to be a piece of the love we used to have and will be a piece of him and me put together. I am going to work hard to be a great mother. I know my family is going to kick me out that's how they are but I don't care I am going to keep my baby. I got so upset with one of my friends when I told her and she asked me if I was going to  keep the baby and I said yes. she said I was crazy that I should take it out,because this was going to ruin Luke's life and all this cramp. I cried so hard but I am not going to take out my baby. She got mad at me when I told her I wasn't going to take my baby out.  I already know I'm going to have to be strong with everything. 

Because I still have to tell Luke and honestly I have no idea how he is going to take the news. He could take it good or be a totally *** hole about. I have no clue. That is killing me. I don't know why I feel like texting him about it but I don't have the guts to. I mean would you want to know something like that thru the phone. I don't know. Because he going to travel for a while. But the important thing is I'm taking care of me and my Baby.. I love my baby already its so amazing. I was freaking out so bad but now I am in love......I am ready to be a single mom if thats what it will take.. My army plans have been put on hold but thats ok..

Thank you guys for being so supportive...That means a lot to me I don't feel that alone anymore..

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I agree keep your baby, there's no better love than that.. I can't wait to one day be a mom. Im sorry you don't have the support from your family or "Luke". I wish you all the luck in the world. If you ever need to talk, please feel free.