Proposal Thru Text Message!!

lol ok so it was kinda funny but super cute!!! I shall tell u the story text by text...

(my hunny is currently deployed to afghanistan)


*My soldier*

-Babe i luv u n i need u every day. i cherrish the times we talk and i respect that u r loyal to me. u r my best friend and the luv of my life. i know u think i take u for granted sometimes but if i had one wish it would be that i could have you by my side for th rest of my life. Basically what i am saying is would u be my wife one day....

*I said*

-Babe you made me cry at work!! Lol i love you so much baby and yes i would love to be your wife one day!

*My soldier*

-Now we are Officially engaged...yeah!!!



I told him he still has to ask me personally but until then... Im still freakin engaged!

AAAHHHHHH!!! Im so happy i could scream!!

lol just wanted to share my news with yall!

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2010

Yayy!!!!!!! Muchas felicidades mami!!!!!! Co8. he is so sweet!!!!!!

Im happy for you and im hoping I get my proposal real soon

Aaahhh girls i couldnt stop bragging to the ladies at work!! lol <br />
everyone had very positive things to say to me today! He's having a ring made for me and said it should be ready in 2 days but i wont get it till he comes home in august.. I CANT WAIT!! lol Thanks so much girlies!

Awh congrats. That is so sweet. It made me wanna cry!! (:<br />
I'm happy for you!!

Aww!! Congrats!!! Thats a really cute story! ;-D