Arguing :/

Ughh sorry for another story so soon! Me and my boyfriend have been fighting a lot. We've always fought some, but he's so sweet and he's done so much for me, and we're both so in love with eachother. We just get on eachothers nerves a lot over nothing! He's in AIT right now, and the smallest things that neither one of us can even remember set one of us off, and then we're in a bad mood. I don't know how not to fight all the time with him. :/ I'm supportive of him, and he knows that. And lately it's been me who can't get outta a bad moood. He's so good to me, whether or not he started the fight or not, 5 minutes later he's always apologizing and telling me he loves me. And I want to get over the little arguements, but I feel so irritated everytime I talk to him. This is the first full month we've gone without seeing eachother. He left in November for basic, came home in december for exodus, and left in january to go back, then I went to see him in february for his basic graduation. And he wont be coming home until June so I don't really knoww how to do this for that long. And I know so many more of you have to go longer times without your boyfriends/husbands, which is why I need advice at this long distance stuff. :/

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Exactly as evansgrl said. my boyfriend is getting sent to his unit soon, we're not sure when yet and from there he gets sent to Afganhistan. it's never easy. he and i fought a lot too, and we still do. but i think our problem is separation anxiety. even before the army we couldn't go more than a few days without seeing each other and now we go months. but through it all i know he loves me and he knows i love him and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

its hard the long distance my husband is in AIT right now in texas while im out in Cali and its hard to be part i was away from him dec 28th till March 11th the first few weeks were hard im now use to him being gone now an our key to our relationship is good communication if you dnt have that you wont go far since that basically is what you only have with a military relationship. you need to really let the small stuff go they will not matter a day, week, month, year later dwn the road its gunna be hard but you need to realzie this is nothing compared to the yr you will spend apart for deploment an going thru ait seperation is just a test just like basic.