I have some good news, and bad. The bad isn't to horrible at all. Just a little frustrating. I thought at AIT things happened on a more individual basis, like if one person messed up, they'd get punished. But I guess Austin's AIT is acting like its basic. One of the guys got caught with their phone after lights out so they all got their phones taken away. He's going out to the field on Sunday for 4 days to train, and I wish I would've been able to say goodbye, but its not too big of a deal. I know things could be way worse. But I got home from work and got this amazing message on facebook from him and I thought that I would share it. :)



our time apart hasnt been easy. but we're slowly getting through it. learning lessons, still sharing experiences. our relationship is nothing like it used to be, but still i wouldnt change it for the world. you've been so strong and supportive, im in awe. i know there is no one out there that loves me as much as you. i want you to know that i love and i care. i want to give to you exactly what you have given to me. faith. optimism. hope. i used to feel so empty not too long ago. an angel came into my life. she made me smile, she made me cry, she made me angry, she made me almost want to die. all the emotions and sensations that you bring about in me cannot be matched by anyone else. thank you for being my anchor, and my sail. thank you for guiding me. thank you for teaching me those hard lessons that could only be taught by someone that was so precious to me. thank you for breaking my heart and patching it back up again. but most of all. thank you for just being there, always, to listen, and to talk.

without you there is no me

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Awwh girl that is soo cute!!! I'm happy for you!

im sorry you didnt get to tell him bye, but awww yay im so happy for you girl hes a sweetheart!

awww(: that is so cute, sorry about the whole ait thing, my boyfriends ait is like that also there alwasy on lockdown. But im not going to lie that may have been the sweetest message ever, my bhoyfriend is half as sweet or creative as that lol. But i agree with her^^^ he's a keeper(;

omg that is sooo sweet, girl you got you a keeper... lol as you already know of course.... lol um keep in touch.... :)