I Can Do This....

I can do this, four words thats all they are, but to me those four words have all the strength and courage I need to just make it to the next day, He leaves for Basic soon and even though I ask him everyday " Please don't leave" I know that this is what he wants to do and I could never and would never take that away from him, even though it hurts me. For the first time Im afraid, of the unknown, of the what ifs , of  simple things like not seeing lil heart <3 text messeges when I wake up , because hes left for work and didnt want to wake me.But I can do this, I can be strong for him , and for what hes doing , and in the proccess of it all become a stronger person. Life throws us curves , we can either drive our current course and hope to make it to the end in one piece or we can switch gears and take each curve as it comes, slow into it and accelerate out of it .  I can do this , because I love him.

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Evan went to Ft.Benning. It's very rigorous training, so be especially proud of him when he gets out! Basic is probably the hardest step in this process. Waiting for letters seems like you're waiting for eternity, even if you get them often. Phone calls are even more sparingly, and at Benning they have to "earn" their calls, so it's possible they maybe even less than you could expect. You can get through this, cherish his voice, and if you get to go to his graduation, enjoy those two days you get to see him! It won't be for too long, so make it count! (: Once he's at AIT, he'll be able to talk to you more, and once he's stationed somewhere, he'll be able to talk to you just about everyday. The wait will be completely worth it. :D Good Luck! I'm always here to talk(:

Im beynd thankful to have so many lovable and strong women going through the same situation on which i can draw strength. There was such a long period of time where i felt utterly alone . Yes I too have those thoughts constantly ..sometimes i talk to his picture...which in turn gets me weird looks from my younger brother and always a hug when i least expect it , and in its own way i find it comforting. Hes going to fort benning for basic. Ty to all of you !!! Good luck to each one of you and we can ALL do this :P

I'm having the same thoughts. My soldier left this past tuesday for basic. It's only been 4 days and i know exactly what you're going through. Idk what to do. I'm so used to being able to talk to him whenever i want and now all of that is gone... i feel lost without him and it's only been 4 days!! 'How can i make it 9 weeks?' is the thought that keeps going through my head... and i'm sure yours too. Where is he going to basic at?

Its hard and its just about having strength and positive thinking im glad you aloready are thinking positively about it :) im on day 6 of my soldier being in boot camp. Just waiting for the first letter is the hardest time! its doable! goodluck :)

Don't worry sweetie, everything will be okay! (: We've all had our fears about this. Stay strong, you can do this! :D