He Left Yesterday

Nick left yesterday for basic training at Fort Benning GA.

is there anyone else out there that has someone going for OSUT?

im freaking out.

i feel so lonely

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My boyfriend is in Ranger training right now at Fort Benning he comes home in a month or so. I feel pretty lonely too without but it is really nice to have something to look forward to in months to come so don't dwell on it too much try and just be thankful that you have a boyfriend that is defending our country and who will return to you very soon=)

My guy isn't in OSUT but he left over a month ago for BCT & I know how you feel so lonely but the girls on this site have helped me out soo much!<br />
If you ever need to talk feel free to message me.

My boyfriend leaves for Fort Benning on June 9th... <br />
ill know how you feel then. but just spend time with your <br />
friends.. girls or guys. <br />
if you have really close guy friends then make sure to talk to them.. <br />
they are very helpful and usually funny :]<br />
and they can be there for you when your boyfriend is gone.. <br />
it will all be okay in the end.. especially when he comes home.<br />
it will feel soo much more special to get a simple hug<br />
your relationship wil truely change for the better.<br />
make sure to right!

My husband graduated from Fort Benning OSUT in Oct. also. I know right now it seems like your life is going to end..but you'll get threw it. OSUT goes by faster than you think =) if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me.

My boyfriend graduated from Ft. Benning in October. You'll get through this, I honestly didn't think I could, but I did. I'm here to chat whenever you need to. (:

My hubby graduated from OSUT at Benning...he is awaiting RTD at the moment but I am here if you have questions or wanna talk. I am actually driving him back down tomorrow...he came home on emergency leave (his grandma past away) but I have been there numerous times and he has been there on and off since June / July.