His 2 Weeks Home

So i havent been on in a little while. My soldier has been home for a little bit to see his family and friends before he deploys. Things have been good. Being able to see him has been amazing. We have argued a bit since he got home. We are getting used to one another again and not doing everything alone. We are both pretty stubborn and hard headed. Things have been great until Tuesday night. That night after my class i got a call from his friend telling me to come to the house as soon as i could because Chris hit himself in the head  with a post driver. I got there as soon as i could and found him in the floor acting all kinds of crazy. He kept talking about smelling pineapple and all kinds of stuff. It took forever to convince him to go to the ER. We were at the ER for like 5 hours. They had to do a ct scan on him and check him out really good. Turns out he had given himself a really bad concussion but nothing other than that was wrong, which was a relief. He got to go home that night and i had to wake him up every 2 hours to make sure he was ok. Im sure the Army is gonna love this when he goes back tomorrow. Just thought i would share my excitement will yall. Hope everyone and their soldiers are doing well.

HeStoleMyHeart HeStoleMyHeart
18-21, F
Apr 8, 2010