4 Days Home

So my soldier is coming home on wednesday for four days before he ships out!!! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! But its kinda complicated....He smokes and his mom doesnt know he does so I'm picking him up from the airport. She really wants to but he just told her Jen is gonna do it. I feel bad bc they were with him the 1st 2 deployments and I wasnt and now I dont wanna make it seem like im replacing them!! But at the same time my hubby is 31 years old now lol and has a serious relationship that he didnt have the 1st 2 times. And I feel like he is kinda putting me in the middle by making me hide his secret if ya know what i mean. I smoke as well but when she comes over or we go there we cant smoke b4 we go or anything and its annoying!! I dont care what they think of me im not gonna change what i do. So idk if i should tell my bf nicely how i feel. SO yeah thats my lil rant for the day :D I cant wait to go see my baby on wednesday!!!!!!!!!

Waitingfornissley Waitingfornissley
18-21, F
Apr 10, 2010