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as you read before in my last post my boyfriend just left for basics and I was wondering if I could get a couple questions answered. I know a majority of the questions i'm going to ask depends on where they're doing basics at, but any info that you could give would be great! Thanks in advance!


When can I expect my first letter?

When will I be able to find out when his graduation date/ family day is?

How many people will be allowed to come to his graduation?

If allowed, how often will i get to talk to him over the phone?

What should I expect when he comes home (personality/way of thinking)

thanks so much!

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thank you to everyone! your answers really helped!

i'll just add on the graduation date and family day that i know on at least benning's website it lists the day they go in and their graduation date. i"m not sure about any of the other bases though, sorry.

I'd say the same thing that desxxbes said about the letters. They get very little free time, so what I did was send an envelope with your address and a stamp ready to go so he can just put the letter in and seal it (anything to make his life easier!)<br />
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I'm sure you won't be able to find more information about his graduation until later. Try looking up things online about his base and how things work there.<br />
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Talking to him over the phone depends if he is even allowed to have phone calls. My boyfriend didn't get a chance to call me until some locals let cadets use their house phones (they all had exactly three minutes to talk, but its better than nothing!) I'm sure he'll call you as soon as he gets the chance.<br />
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You don't have to take this, but it is probably better to not expect anything so you aren't disappointed. I'm sure through phone calls and letters you might have a better idea in the long run. It really does depend on how his personality is and how he handles Basic.<br />
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You can definitely ask more if you need to!

You can expect your first letter not too long after he's at the base, Evan wrote to me the first or second day while he was still in reception. It just depends on when he has free time and can write to you. If you feel like you've been waiting too long, and you have his address, write to him! Also, it depends on when he can get to the PX to get supplies to write with.<br />
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You won't find out his graduation date/family day until it's closer to it. He'll know generally when it should be, but he won't know anything until it's closer.<br />
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I'm not sure if there's a limit on amount of people that can go, but I went with Evan's parents.<br />
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You'll get to talk to him on sundays, depending on where he's going to Basic. At Fort Benning, they had to earn their phone calls, so if one person messed up, the whole platoon didn't get calls. It sucks, but he will call you each sunday that he can, towards the end they're more relaxed and give more calls<br />
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The way he acts all depends on his personality before, and the way he handles Basic.<br />
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Hope I could have helped! (: