Sooner Then I Expected...

Well our frist time apart is sooner then I expected it to be, since he got orders a few days for 4 days to dallas for a seminar...which sucks on top of the orignal orders he already had for the 17 days in Idaho. Im so glad he came up there to my mom's 2nd chemo treatment she and i both really appreciated it alot. Its going to be hard having him away for 4 days home for 3, then away for 17. I really am going to miss him alot and i just hope all goes well while he is away doing all of these 21 days. Im just not use to him leaving and coming back..but I hope i can handle him being away..even if it's a short time (21 days) it feels like a long time to me.



On a side note who watched army wifes yesterday?? I did and Im so glad jeremy didnt commit sucide, its so sad about what happen to Joan because she was trying to save her fellow soilder..yet im happy for Roxy and Trevor...cant wait for next weeks show!!!!


I hope you and your soilders are doing good.

Hooahkindoflove Hooahkindoflove
22-25, F
Apr 12, 2010