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hey ladies! I know yall think im always on here (and I am) but i have to find something  to do to keep me from going insane while terrance is away. Since I love to write and meet new people, this is my safe haven! Anways...


The purpose of this entry is to give you guys some info about me so maybe you girls can see what we have in common! Im going to leave my facebook and blog and the end of this entry so you add me if you like!!


Name: Jessalyn (Jazzee or Pooda for short)


Location: Fayetteville/ Ft Bragg, NC

Im currently in school for sociology and have a part time job. I love to read and write, im actually working on my own book and its coming along well! Writing is a big passion of mine! I love to laugh and make others laugh and im known as the clown in my family! I'm actually a very caring person but sometimes that causes big problems because I have such a big heart and im so quick to forgive! My boyfriend's name is terrance (or TJ) and he's currently completing his BCT in Ft. Jackson, SC. We've been together since december.

Anything else you ladies would like to know about me just let me know!




thanks girls!



Jazzee08 Jazzee08
18-21, F
Apr 15, 2010