First Week Out In The Field And Having A Hard Time

My guy is out in the field for the first time we have been together and he is without communication. This is the first time we haven't talked at least once during the day since we have been together and we have been together for a long time. It is really hard to be dealing with and I really hate that I can't even talk to him. It is a lot harder then I honestly thought it would be. He isn't there to call me when I wake up or right before I go to sleep. It may sound childish but I really miss little things like that. He is going to be going through a deployment and I will get to talk to him every few days which I think I will be better with. It isn't even the not seeing him part, it is the fact that I can't talk to him or skype him.

Sorry and thanks for letting me ramble... just had to get it out.

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3 Responses Apr 17, 2010

my guy is in the field right now too. i'm lucky to get a few texts from him every now & then but it doesn't compare to hearing his voice or feeling his arms around me. you're going to have a difficult time, but you wouldn't be with him if you couldn't stick it out. take it a day at a time & if that's too much, take it an hour at a time.<br />
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stay strong...

My husband was an Army Ranger so I completely understand. He was deployed for a total of 7 years out of the 9 that he was in the military. It is hard being away from the person that you love but for me, when I would get sad I would think about how I proud I was of him. It made me feel like the loneliness was worth it because I knew that he was out doing a job that most people wouldn't be brave enough for. There will be days that he is unable to call when he is deployed and you will worry about him but you can always write him letters, plus he will enjoy getting mail over there. Good luck and stay strong!!

oh no worries sweetie... i totally understand too! my hubby just left to the field today for his gunnery training (in Germany). so, it's going to be 3 weeks before i hear from him again. in my opinion, i think these next 3 weeks are going to be harder to cope with than it was when he did his AIT training... atleast then i had letters i got to read from him almost everyday! ugh.<br />
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so in the meantime, i guess all we can do is stay busy? which is very difficult to say the least! but as always, we gotta stay strong. if you need someone to talk to or even shed a tear with... i'm here! and I probably will be shedding tears too! LOL.<br />
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feel free to message me :)