So We Had A Fight...

It's been pretty rocky lately between my boyfriend and started with something little like I reminded him that our 3 month was coming up soon (it was yesterday) and he had a response like yeah it is. No excitement at all. Then, we started biting each others' heads off about everything. He has been really rude to me lately. He is totally disrespecting me and feeling bad about my self. I hate it. I hate fights in general. I don't want to fight with him I really try to avoid it. But when he is constantly saying things like, "your life is not hard at all compared to Army life" when I am crying on the phone with him. I get a more upset. I have been having a really hard time lately and I have finals next week. For once, I want him to be there for me cause I am there for him every second of the day. I know Army life is impossibly hard. I know it's harder than my life, obviously. But once in awhile it would be nice for him to just shut his mouth and be sensitive. I am so frustrated and I hate it. My last text said, "You're are such an *******, do you see why I get upset? Because of the rude things you say." And since a three hour time difference, I am assuming he fell asleep. I wish I could take it back and that would not have been the last thing he read before he fell asleep cause I feel horrible and now all I wanna do is make up. I definitely won't be able to sleep tonight. I just want us to stop fighting but it seems like it is a never ending cycle right now and we have never had fights before. 

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Hey girlie. I know the fights are tough, we all go thru them at some point or another. For a while I was getting involved in them, showing that I was upset and hurting. Now, I have realized that it really helps to put on a smile and only talk about good things when you guy is away. They seem to have a better attitude when you make them feel like nothing is wrong and everything at home is just the way they left it. Just a little something that helped me and my guy. It definitely isn't the easiest thing to do, but it works. Good luck, hang in there lady!

awh thank you olivia! and you and your bf will be in my prayers as well! :) my name is claudia btw!

Same goes for you, i am always here for advice=) You and your husband will be in my prayers <3

no problem! feel free to message me anytime!

Thanks so much=) that is really helpful. I'm sure this will all blow over soon I just kind of let all my built up anger out all at once. That is one thing I have got to change. That is the way I handle things and it can be a problem.

awh... hang in there girly. fights are not fun, but unfortunately they happen. the key is controlling your anger and catching yourself before getting TOO upset. though the army life is difficult for our soldiers (no doubt!), so is the LIFE we live on the other end too! so maybe explain to him that you need him to be more supportive just as you are trying your best to support him as well. also, one rule i found that helps me in my relationship, is no profanity between either side while me and my hubby are upset. no profanity definitely decreases the tension as well as maintains a level of respect for one another. distance is one of the hardest things relationships can endure, so knowing that, make each call, conversation, and visit count! stay strong... we're here for ya! :)