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So Im up earlier than I usually am. Last night was a rough night. I was thinking about a lot of things and feelings started to creep up that I didnt like. TJ (my boyfriend) and I have been together since december, and he's told me himself that he doesn't do small relationships, he doesn't like being in a relationship just to say he has a girl. Even knowing that, it still scares me because i know when he comes home, he's gonna be different. He's going to have new outlook on life and he's going to look at things a lot differently than he does now. I just hope when he comes home that he hasnt changed his mind about us. I honestly don't even know why i'm still thinking this. We've had this conversation like 400 times before he left and he promised me that isn't going to happen. I guess a lot of it comes from that fact that I don't like his parents, and im pretty sure they feel some type of way about me. Its hard having a relationship when your boyfriends parents are a constant worry, then put the military on top of that..lawd have mercy! Just some random thoughts!!

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Yes, If your soldier is anything like mine and the hundreds I know he will be different but more so in an independent and respectful way (although he will probably be a bit cocky when he gets home). However, he will still be your soldier deep down and you will both learn to adapt to the changes within eachother because you will have changed, too! Don't doubt yourself, your soldier, or your relationship! Keep your head up and talking to other Military S.O.'s (Significant Others) always ALWAYS helps! Watch Army Wives; Season 5 that premieres Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 2000 Central 2100 Eastern on Lifetime! It helps!<br />
Take care and feel free to message me if you need any advice or to talk!

Thank u so much for your input ladies! For me its a everyday struggle! I know that he's going to be different and I think thats what bothers me the most, why I dont know. As for his parents, its more of a "putting on a front" thing because I know deep down inside they feel some type of way about us being together (not that I really care!) but it just makes it that much harder because it makes me afraid to reach out to them for the fear of being rejected! And its crazy because we (his parents and I) are going through the same thing, might be a different level of love, but its the same thing. We both have somebody we love enlisted in the army so if anything I think we should communitcate for that reason, but hey, WHATEVER! LOL

This - i completely understand, i even asked my bf in his letters, since he is in basic, if hes already changed somewhat? and his answer was yes, so you know their giong to be different, but dont let the thought of them ending your relationship get into your head, if someone truely loves you their family wont stop them from loving you, and the fact that he is in the army wont change that either, sometimes i worry about these things too, its part of us being a girl, we think way too much into detail about things, and it makes us sick with worry, we cant stress over the little things when we're dealing with our men being gone which is such a big thing, sometimes its hard to be in a relationship practically with yourself( at least thats what it feels like sometimes) but just kno that the days count down, and that soon you will see him again, i have 33 days left till my bfs basic graduation, and that day will be a real great day for me. Then i have another coutndown to start the countdown from AIT, so just think positive because if you let those negative thoughts creep in that theyll be so so different, you wont be very happy, i know im struggling not to let the thought of him being so different get into my head. But just think your man is prob more concerned that your going out and hanging w/other guys, love grows or dies with distance, and if his letters speak that he loves you u will be fine :) keep the chin up!

I understand what you mean I constantly worry that Peter is going to feel different about us when he comes home and that he is going to be completely different and I am going to miss the old him which may sound silly but he is such an amazing person and I don't want him to change. Im sorry you and his parents don't get along that has to be hard but just remember he loves you otherwise he wouldn't be with you. The other night i talked to Peter about this very subject and he told me he was worried that he was going to change and that when he came home I wouldn't love the changed him and I told him I would love him no matter what and he was just like well will see, so they worry about it just as much as we do.