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22-25 year old woman


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Can you not identify BY WHAT YOU PERSONALLY ARE.









I so much wonder when I see such groups.

To me they sound:





we are the women that support our soldiers while they continue year after year to fight for OUR freedom, as well as YOURS and for you to post this is a complete disgrace. and yes, we are independent, we have to be more so then most! we are the ones waiting back at home who continue working, going to school, and raising children all on our OWN for the sake of keeping America the Land of the Free. Please do not forget the hands that have fought for you and the lives that have been lost that give you your freedoms today. I am MORE than PROUD to be an ARMY WIFE just as my husband is MORE than PROUD to claim me as his BEAUTIFUL wife. I don't understand why this is being confused as property? or that we are mistaken for stupid housewives? Can you please elaborate and IN PROPER ENGLISH please? Also, many of us continue to work and educate ourselves in which i can still see you need to continue yours as well. So yes, this ARMY WIFE will always be proud to be called one!


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That girl is PATHETIC! I am super proud and HONORED to be an ARMY GIRLFRIEND!!! I don't look at myself as property WHAT-SO-EVER and I know my boyfriend doesn't either. I would much rather be with him in Louisiana right now and going to school there. Instead, however, he wants me to finish my college education at the school I had my heart set on before he even enlisted! I don't see how she could say that this WONDERFUL and BRAVE man of mine would think that I am his property. It's a shame that the men and women fighting for our country and to give that lady the right to the first Amendment while she continues to disrespect our men, all soldiers in general, and ourselves. It's quite saddening.<br />
<br />
HOOAH!!! I'M A PROUD ARMY GIRLFRIEND!!! <3 And, I wouldn't change it FOR THE WORLD!

HOOOOOAAHH!! Haha. If you don't want to stand behind our men, feel free to stand in front of them!

The girl thinks she's a dragon...she obviously has even problems to deal with..so i don't know why she picked a fight with the toughest chicas :-)

This makes me even more proud to be an army girlfriend/fiance. People like that who don't know how strong we have to be, or what it's like in anyway. We have every right to be proud of our men! I love my solider I can't wait to call myself his wife someday soon! I AM A PROUD ARMY GIRL! It takes a strong girl to do so, the weak can't last, and the weaker won't even try. <3:D

ooooooohhhhh man that set me on fire reading that post!!!<br />
We are more than proud to call ourselves Army Girlfriends/Fiances/Wives and speaking for myself i wouldnt have it any other way!! Im proud of what my fiance does in the Army and like the above post said, TRUST ME ID MUCH RATHER IT BE U OVER THERE AND NOT HIM!! My fiance loves me because i AM an independent woman and he knows that im neither above him or below him, but im his equal. Id like to see others walk in our shoes and see how they deal with everything we go thru! Sounds like someone needs a swift kick in the A$$ if u ask me! I love my soldier, and im damn proud to be HIS army fiance!!!!<br />
<br />

well said ladies!!<br />
people like her i wish could spend one day in our mens shoes <br />
it's sad how some people TRY to put others down just to make them<br />
feel better... people like that b**** just make us stronger i'm more then PROUD<br />
to say I'M A ARMY GIRLFRIEND and hope to be his wife someday!!! so i say ***** go f*** yourself<br />

haha wowww i would want that chick to go overseas and fight for us, see how much she likes it, maybe she wouldnt complain and be so anti our military which gives us freedoms(like you all have stated)..ARMY GIRLS ARE ARMY STRONG. beat her up with those comments ladies :)

agreed with the above comment..you went in lmao i dont even know what to say! But real talk, ARMY STRONG ALL DAY!

oo oo my turn..then i said....<br />
<br />
..ok smart a s s<br />
im not really sure why YOU are so offended by this subject Thought1. By the way, you're username is so suitable for your brain capacity!u must be some kind of feminist that was either royally effed over by a guy or is suffering from daddy issues. And that's fine, whatever...you are entitled to your own opinions. But our boyfriends, wives, husbands, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins in the military make up a large amount of US citizens. We are supporting them and being proud of them and the sacrifices they r making for us. <br />
<br />
Trust me...i'd much rather it be YOU over in afghanistan. <br />
<br />
And none of us girls said we "belong" to our soldiers..we are not their property. If anything..we are more independent than you!here...let me spell it out for you... we spend months to a year without a man by our sides...making our own living and while most girls have their boyfriend to take them to movies and go out dancing, hold hands with, kiss whenever they want...we suck it up and realize that hopefully our guys will come home safely and we will get that first kiss once again. We are strong and if you weren't so ignorant..you'd look at our other experiences and see you have absolutely no idea who we are. <br />
<br />
So miss little BrainCell 1 How would you title a group for girls in our situation?<br />
<br />
By the way...have you taken a look at your experiences lately? hahaha holy sh it..this is too easy...how do you judge us girls... at least we're not stuck in some game universe where we think we are goddesses or mytholigical creatures and dragons. you've got to be kidding me. please. i'm done. you're pathetic.