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So, anyone who's read my last story knows Evan and I are considering having a baby. Well, it was brought up by some of my friends and they decided to gang up on me so to speak and all tell me if we were to do so that I would be "missing out on so much", to tell me that i "don't know what it's like to raise a child" or what I'd be "getting myself into" and that I would be "ruining" my life. I'm not even a mother, nor have I decided on deffinitely being so yet and this insults me. They don't know how Evan and I love each other, they don't even understand us getting married at such a young age. I do understand quite a bit of what I'd be getting into, and I helped my mother raise my baby sister since I was 7, my father was always too drunk to be a parent, so I had to step up. I understand it's not quite the same, but it's helped, and it's a big part of why I am really motherly. I wouldn't be missing out on much, because I plan on still going to school if I am, and I'm fine with not doing sports my first year. I know Evan wouldn't be home for a while because of his deployments, but he could come home for the baby's birth and a few months after I'd have the baby he'd be coming home and then I'd be going to Germany with him. I have more support than most girls my age would. I don't care if I'm young, I wouldn't be a bad mother, and that child would have such a wonderful life, he or she would make my life that much better. I don't know what this means really, but I just had to vent.

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I'm a very young mother. A very young not married mother. And I can tell you it is tough. But possible. School is difficult when you're on your own (in this case during deployments) but again, possible. Granted I have missed out on things. Like going out and partying but that's okay. When you have a baby your priorities change. I'd rather spend a day with my son than go out anyway. It does help when you have a good support system, such as friends and family. I would have loved to have been married before I had him. Besides that I don't see anything wrong with being a young mother as long as you have educated yourself about the subject and are emotionally ready for the task.

The only reason they say that is because of your age, but there are bad mothers at every its not a matter of age, if you think your ready then your ready, and their opinions on the matter shouldnt affect you, thats just them speaking from if it was them they wouldnt be prepared for it. Just ignore what they say, as hard as that is, if you think your truely ready then thats your decision. Id rather see a young mother who provides and takes care of her child then a old mother who cant even afford formula, and tosses her kid around like a sack of potatoes...