Need Some Positive Advice.......

Here is some background:
I am 17, just graduated HS and my boyfriend is almost 19. We have been dating for 8 months and when he leaves for boot camp we will have been dating over 10 months, known each other for over a year. We have had AMAZING times and rough times while we have been dating. He went to California, we live in Missouri, for a month to spend time with his bro who is in the navy and we survived that and were the same or better when he got back. We have seen each other at our worst and our best. I truly have never felt this way about anyone and he says he feels the same. I know he loves me and I love him, but I don't know what is going to happen. We talk about the future and being together and that is all I want. My boyfriend leaves for boot camp on March 19th. So we have a couple months left and the past month has been great!!

My problem is that I am scared. I'm not just scared......I am terrified! His whole family has or is in the navy, even though I am close with them I don't know how to talk to them about this and don't have anyone else to talk to bout these things.....

I am scared that he will go away and when he is permentally stationed he will find someone else because I cant go with him yet. I am sooooo scared that everyone is right that it wont work but I needa know that I am right that it can work. I am going to work as hard as I can to be with him. That is all I want. The other day he seemed like he wants to get married to me some day. I know we are young but were planning to wait a couple of years.

I really am just lose. I need any and every advice about being a navy girlfriend that I can get. Not just advice about us staying together but advice about EVERYTHING! Please tell me the truth and give me any faith that couples do stay together through this all.........because all my friends and other people act like it wont.
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Being a navy girlfriend is hard... Let me try and explain
1. Learn To Be Independent
2. Lonely Does Not Have To Mean Miserable
3. Homecoming Isn’t All Kisses and Excitement
4. Prepare for Worst Case Scenarios
5. Accept That You Will Always Come Second
6. Respect the Uniform
7. Take Advantage of Resources
8. Learn to Retrain Your Brain
9. Gossip Isn’t Just Harmful
10. Let Go of Romantic Fantasies

These rules are honestly the way to living a military girlfriend life. It's not for the faint of heart it takes a strong man to be in the military but and even stronger woman to stand behind him. You have to understand that there are always 2 people with the military... The guy you fell in love with and the military minded man that the navy has created. It's hard and not what the media has chopped it up to be. It's not love letters and amazingly romantic homecomings. (I'm not saying that it doesn't happen) A lot about dating a man in the military seems romantic. And that perception is often fueled by Nicholas Sparks books and Hollywood movies, eager to paint a picture of a romantic hero, writing love letters to the woman he’s fighting for, while she waits patiently at home usually dressed perfectly, with impeccable makeup and hair, staring longingly out over a beach or something similarly sappy. Our war hero comes home, the lovers reunite, and their lives go back on as normal. It's hard but honestly if you feel that you can handle it it's worth it in the end! Don't take this as a negative comment about being with a military man just take it as a heads up to the fact that it's not all fun! Feel free to message me about any questions I hoped this helped!!!!