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So... I am glad that I found this site. I am a non traditional Navy Wife. I supported my family since we got married in 2003. We had a son in 2008 and I have just wanted to stay home with him since. My husband decided at the great age of 31 that he wanted to join the Navy. I FULLY support him and he left for boot camp two weeks ago.


This is quite possibly the hardest thing that I have ever gone thru. My son doesn't understand where his dad is and my best friend is gone. I can't beleive that he didn't even get to call home on Christmas! I was at wits end... then got a letter today and realized that he misses us just as much. It is hard... we have been together for 11 years and never been apart this long. I miss just telling him about my day...

I have been reading on here that some sailors go right from grad to A school. When do they find that out? One of the most frusterating things for me is the unknown... and EVERYTHING seems to be unknown.

We are headed to CT after he graduates. Becuase his A school is 9 months long me and son get to go too! 

My question to you Navy wives out there is this... what's the secret? How do you stay so strong when you are falling apart? I am thinking about asking the dr for some zoloft do that my son can still have a normal mommy.

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hi there! ..its not easy and yeah you think about meds often when you get lonely. I met my husband after he was in the navy but we have gone through a 5 month deployment already in the first 18 mon. Just keeping busy when they are gone..trying to spend as much time together as possible when hes home..and always remembering that now he is owned govt. property so not knowing is part of the deal....<br />
its a different kind of life for sure, but its more secure as well. hope you make it ok..write me if you need any support!