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If you want to see fear in the eyes of a Quantum physicist just mention the words the measurement problem.

The measurement problem is this an atom only appears in a particular place if you measure it. In other words an atom is spread out all over the place until a conscious observer decides to look at it. The act of measurement or observation creates the entire universe. As only conscious beings could be observers we are ultimately hooked in to the very existence of reality. Without us there would just be this expanding super position of possibilities with nothing ever actually happening. 

Out of millions of millions of blobs of energy light photons and electrons they make up an imaginary 3 dimensional world which doesn't actually exist according to relativity and quantum mechanics!.

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great comment i shall check out that video and see what is being said. but thanks for that thats very informative.

so its like a seed everything is there already but we have to plant it or give it the right conditions to flourish and grow....that makes sense.

hmmm that was deep im going to have to read this again to take it all in...i did however appreicate the ''if man's concept of himself were different, everything in his world would be different. His concept of himself being what it is, everything in his world must be as it is.",<br />
statement that makes a lot of sense...

ahhh ellaD that is such a good question to ask and i believe that things could be so simple...if we only all could see this the world would be a better place.

I remember reading this same thing. Glad you mentioned it actually because I was trying to remember the exact way it went. I think that it’s always interesting to hear these incredible new findings in humanity and try and take it to a deeper philosophical level. Basically with quantum physics a lot of eastern philosophies are lining up with scientific facts of our era. Not that I am super religious I would say that I'm more spiritual but it is said in many writings that we are meant to be co -creators. I think that this physics "theory" or fact explains this pretty well. Basically nothing of the material world would be here if it weren’t for us perceiving it. With this in mind I think that the greatest question we need to ask ourselves is how can we create a more positive life situation for everyone in general and realize that it may be a lot simpler than we previously thought.

so its not like a string then...have you heard the string theory?..of course they could be stringing us along.

hmmmmm i think you are slightly confused...we are, we do exist but we have to be concious observers to be able to know this is the case....i think that makes sense.

This is the kind of reality that isn't reality, i don't know where this people get this theories i i sure would like to know... :P For what i've understood (correct me if not) This says that nothing really exists until you acknowledge that it is, if a tree falls and there's no one to see it the tree doesn't even exists... damn i got my ideas scrambled again but... let's say, as far as we know humanity is the only living being with use of conciousness, then if we don't exist nothing really exists because there's noone to say that it exists... Species that do exist like ants or dogs doesn't know that they 'are' so they're not... but they're still there so...

that's one theory...makes sense that it would be as diverse as nature is!.

The world is not just 3+1 dimensional, neither 11 dimensional, or whatever - it has infinite dimensions.

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I thought it was funny how they modernized it. Instead of dueling with swords, they owned guns whose brandname was "sword" and got into gunfights. It was pretty lol.

ive seen the film! but not sure its that version!.

perhaps i should read that one again then!!!...:)

ok i may have romeo and juliette and macbeth...didnt take any of it in though...i prefer

ive never heard it used like that before but admittedly i never have read Shakespeare!!!!

omar you is trying to baffle me with big words!!!!...learning learning...keep umm

I have come across that use of the word 'physic'... I think Shakespeare had used it in several plays, perhaps even Romeo & Juliet. <br />
<br />
I still don't think that means we can interchange the meanings now.

lol tat2doc i have your seat prepared!!!...<br />
ahhh omar you know i take things literally...and sometimes i just dont get it at all!!!!!, i cant pretend

Huh? I heard that y'all were serving coffee. That's the only reason I stopped by. Without it, all this is too much for me to torture my brain with right now.<br><br />
But save my place. If I find some caffeine, I'll be back to confuse things

omar medicinal potion?

hmmm omar i cant find any reference to that! can you point me to where i could?

mmmm thats an interesting point omarkhayyam i shall check that out!...<br />
and yes justmeonline we must remember they are all theories.

Omar: nope.

haa ha ..umm yeah..YEAH and this is how it is...