My Favorite Thing Anyone Has Ever Said To Me:

"You looked like a warrior."

I suppose riding alone in South East Asia will do that to a person. I have met warriors, men who came over here during the Vietnam war and never left, those men are the true warriors, oh their stories, living with tribes in the jungle, going through ruins, living in mountains with monks, they are what I aspire to be.

That is why I can now never hold a job in these major cities like Beijing, I want to go out and be a warrior, a vagabond, and now I have found someone to love along the way, forget this cooperate superficial world, I will follow my heart and just move with each step.

I don't think I will ever fit into civilization again. But I still think of those words, I don't have a home, I travel about alone, hopefully not for long though, I may have someone to wander with.
OrphanedNation OrphanedNation
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

very inspiring, i recently left home to wander the earth, i get fed up with society alot and i think this lifestyle is awesome!